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Deep Subject, Dry Thoughts

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 I went for a walk tonight, after a heart to heart about...my heart.  Kari is rather concerned about the effect of my weight on my overall health.  She has good reason to worry, I'm 279.5 lbs.  That's 'Moderately Obese' for my height and frame.  I've been toying with eating healthier, but I guess it's time to step up my game.

Things I noticed during my walk:

1.  The route is too short.  I either need to do two laps, or expand it to take a full twenty minutes.  A longer route would prevent me from cheating, and quitting half way.

2.  I still live in a bad neighborhood.  The types of folk likely to be out this late are unlikely to be friendly.  I'm not sure if it was just kids being kids, or a drug deal I stumbled upon, but I know I'd feel safer if I were armed.  Ask dad about the legality of open carry with a shoulder rig.  Look into that concealed carry permit.  Get a rig for my piece.

3.  While walking briskly, my posture improved without me having to concentrate on it, or even pay attention to it at all.  My dangling guts sucked themselves in on their own, and my shoulders pulled back, out of the usual slouch.  I can use this to help tone my core.

4.  I need some lighter clothes.  A t-shirt is fine, but my cargo shorts are too heavy for this sort of thing.  The sandals are great for it, though.

5.  Stretch before.  Stretch after, to cool down.  Leave time for a shower after you get home.  It's late, and I'm gonna be pushing it tonight.

6.  Find a decent place to do sun salutations.  10 before and 10 after would make a great routine, and build core strength and tone.

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...is very good.  I should volunteer my vocal talents.  I should also write a short story set there and send it in.  And get registered for courses and admitted to a degree program.  And pay off my debts, and save for the future, and find a suitable girl/guy to settle down with.  One of these days.
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I've fought long and hard to stay OUT of the Internet Social Networking scene.  I lurked for a more than decade, back since I first got online in middle school.  The very concept of giving out personal information online, even to register for a forum, was anathema to me.  Even after I outgrew the fear of all those con-artists and kiddy fiddlers out there, I found the idea of giving out my information distasteful.  Just more fodder for the spam-filter.  And that's not even going in to the unmitigated silliness and shenanigans involved in Face-Book, My-Space, or any of their ilk.

Times change, I guess.  I'm less self conscious about my web footprint these days.  And I have a reason to actually do it now.  That helps.  Motivation is a wonderful thing when I can find it.

Anyway, here I am.  Let's see how this particular experiment works out.
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